About Knyota Adventures

About Us

Knyota Adventures curates experiences that make life more fun and memorable. We make our premium services available through our website and distribute online events through various social media platforms.

We had to think long and hard about our WHY to arrive at our Mission, Vision and Values. As we kicked off this venture, we wanted to have our True North well defined - we hope this keeps us focused -, but, even more importantly, we hope it helps us build deep relationships with our customers and supporters.

Life is busy, wouldn't you say? And sometimes "busy" gets in the way of exploring and experiencing leisure activities or disconnects us from our friends and loved ones. Knyota Adventures believes reducing effort required to access new experiences can make a difference. When you stop wishing, searching, admiring, and stressing through research and planning, you begin to experience more activities!

We are making it easier to go from seeing desirable experiences to doing them! Through our services - you can (1) discover interesting experiences, (2) get the information you need, and (3) purchase tickets from our website at the click of a button to get started!

We are hard at work internally as well as engaging with third-party service providers to offer a growing selection of options. Whether you choose to join one of our online offerings or participate in our offline events, we want to make sure we make it easy for you.


Bridge the gap between consumers and leisure experiences.


Provide people seamless avenues to participate in leisure experiences and empower them to explore, experience and connect.


Fun and memories

Life is a collection of memories that accumulate to give meaning. Our role is to facilitate fun experiences that turn into meaningful memories. We work to redefine our customers' experiences in ways they never imagined possible. We deliver this while providing our employees a fun, engaging and challenging environment to take accountability and grow. We contribute to the communities we serve through vibrant activities and desirable employment.

Creativity and innovation

We commit to customer-centricity by leveraging creativity and technology to innovate, think big and improve access. We challenge the status quo and innovate for the benefit of our customers - providing them with the best possible experience. We support our employees to act boldly, work collaboratively, and push the envelope as a team.

Diversity and inclusion

We value and take into account diversity in circumstances, backgrounds, and points of view. We work tirelessly for our customers and value the unique contributions from all of our colleagues. This means going beyond our four walls to try and address issues facing communities at large.