About Us

A partial image of the founder of Knyota Drinks and tasting area.

Focused on Inclusive Adult Beverages

The role of beverages in bringing us together is undeniable. They are core to how we celebrate, relax, and socialize, but adult appropriate is not synonymous with containing alcohol. Our company was born out of our founder’s pursuit to curate beverage experiences that make life more fun and memorable.

Fatherhood motivated our founder to become one of the many people choosing to not drink alcohol on occasion or at all. He discovered the exciting world of adult appropriate non-alcoholic drinks – full of passionate craft makers, variety, and creativity, but it was customers' stories and lived experiences that gave him the courage to take the leap to start the company.

Pop, juice, and/or water are fine options for people who want them, but it is often not what sober and sober curious folks want at dinner parties, office functions, networking events, etc. Adult appropriate non-alcoholic drinks are also fantastic for any adult who is skipping alcohol for any reason including health, belief, and/or just not the right time for an alcoholic drink.

Knyota Drinks is claiming space for an inclusive mindset around beverages, making it easier to discover and shop for adult appropriate non-alcoholic drinks, and creating a community of like-minded people.