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Knyota Drinks

Mocktail Masterclass

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Come have fun and elevate your knowledge and beverage experience.

Learn how to lose the booze and keep amazing flavours! Knyota Drinks has created Ottawa's only space fully dedicated to adult appropriate non-alcoholic drinks.

Join us for a Mocktail Masterclass where our mixologist will walk you through fundamental techniques, explain the importance of each ingredient, and provide tips for better results.

No alcohol does not mean no fun! Mocktails offer a great way to treat a sophisticated nose and palate to unique flavours, aromas, and beverage experiences.

What's Included:

  • Our in-house first class mixologist.
  • 1 hour masterclass in how to create the perfect mocktail.
  • All ingredients and equipment needed to start mixing it up.
  • A fun group learning experience and amazing knowledge to take home.

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Ontario, Canada


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