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Proteau Ludlow Red (750mL x 1)

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An expertly designed non-alcoholic, low-sugar botanical recipe with no preservatives.

Taste: a botanical drink that elevates culinary experience above all else, Proteau exists to make the world more delicious with a balanced concoction of bitter, floral, and fruit.

Notes: uniquely combined notes of blackberry, chrysanthemum, black pepper and dandelion open and reveal themselves, engaging the senses as it is savored.

How To Enjoy: ready to drink, right from the bottle - no mixing required! Ludlow Red should be served chilled - with or without ice. Feel free to enjoy straight from the bottle or mix your own cocktail if you are so inclined.

Food Pairing: Ludlow Red pairs effortlessly with food and friendly company anytime day or night. Perfect with a savory meal, or on its own, slowly sipped as you wind down the night.


  • Non-alcoholic
  • 30 calories per 148mL
  • No added sugar (6g per 148mL)
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Storage: keep opened product refrigerated and enjoy within 10 days for peak flavour.

Ingredients: Water, Blackberry Juice Concentrate, Fig Vinegar, Licorice Root Extract, Roasted Dandelion Root Extract, Chamomile Extract, Rose Extract, Hibiscus Extract, Black Pepper Extract, Chrysanthemum Extract, Honeysuckle Extract, Xanthan Gum. Contains 34% Blackberry Juice.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any returns due to the nature of this item.

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Ontario, Canada


Unfortunately, we cannot accept any returns due to the nature of this item.