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Solbrü Elevate Elixir (750mL x 1)

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Solbrü was brought to life by the science and spirit of botanical remedy - where ancient wisdom, meets modern science. Every bottle sold supports addiction recovery.

Lemon verbena-peppermint-rosemary.

Inspired by ancient herbal remedies for heightening vitality and spiritedness, Solbrü infused Elevate Brü with Cordyceps mushrooms.

Cordyceps are caffeine-free.

Delivering a crisp, light, and refreshing flavour, Elevate will invigorate your senses with bright, floral notes of zesty lemon, fresh peppermint, and enticing rosemary.

Intended for an elevated social experience.

How To Enjoy:

A herbaceous, aperitif-style beverage made to mix with 1 part Solbrü and 1 part soda, tonic, juice or nut milk.

A grounding ritual to unwind and connect. Solbrü's alcohol-free elixirs deliver a unique flavour profile created from real botanicals and mushrooms grown in nature.

All Solbrü elixirs contain apple cider vinegar, organic mushroom and herbal extracts and proprietary blend of spices, warming you from the inside out before finishing off with the perfect bite. This sophisticated alcohol-free alchemy creates a 'boozy bite' and consumed the same way as a spirit; as a shot, on the rocks or in your favourite alcohol-free cocktail.


  • 0.00% ABV
  • 2 calories per 1 oz
  • 0g of sugar
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Keto

Storage: refrigerate after opening.

Ingredients: Water, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Sugars (Dried Apricots)*, Spices*, Lemon Verbena*, Cordyceps Mushrooms (Dual Extract)*, Holy Basil*, Licorice*, Oak, Rosemary*, Lemon Zest*, Peppermint*, Potassium Sorbate (*Organic).

May Contain: Tree Nuts.

Seek professional guidance if pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have any serious health issues.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any returns due to the nature of this item.

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Ontario, Canada


Unfortunately, we cannot accept any returns due to the nature of this item.