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Knyota Drinks

Space and Private Events

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We are located at the heart of Ottawa steps away from national treasures, great sights, and some of the best hospitality the city has to offer. We have hosted a lot of small groups that come to the area to enjoy what surrounds us or specifically for Ottawa's only non-alcoholic bottle shop.

Here are some of the notable reasons you might want to consider our space:

  • Organizing a booze free social activity
  • Marking a sober/sober curious milestone
  • Putting on a cozy microevent/art show/book club
  • Hosting a baby shower/celebrating expecting parents
  • Celebrating yourself, loved ones or colleagues who do not drink alcohol
  • You are into creating inclusive beverage experiences that skip alcohol at times

This is a 2-hour private booking of our tasting space that holds up to 10 people. You will access all the beverages we sell at retail value without any additional markup for your event.

Disclaimer: we are not a food premise, so we are not allowed to make and serve anything. That said, you can still expect an exceptional beverage experience by tasting and indulging in our ready-to-drink offerings. If you wish to have food, you will have the option of bringing your own, ordering catering, or getting food delivered from the many hospitality venues that surround us. You will also have full control over the decoration and general appearance.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any returns due to the nature of this item.

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Ontario, Canada


Unfortunately, we cannot accept any returns due to the nature of this item.