A photo of Clever mocktails available for sale at knyota.com

Clever Mocktails

Crafted in Canada, Clever distills artisan blended small batches using a proprietary production process and the finest botanicals – the result is a line of refined and refreshing ready to drink mocktails and non-alcoholic gin.

The non-alcoholic gin is extremely versatile. It can be used to create custom mocktails with juices, tonic… or any number of ingredients your imagination may allow. And, whether you are adding them to a drink recipe or drinking them straight, the ready to drink mocktails are sure to please with great taste and hassle-free enjoyment.

Clever mocktails and non-alcoholic gin get their unique flavours from botanicals including herbs, spices, and fruits, which extend their appeal to consumers seeking gluten free and/or vegan options.

The secret to the success of creating this wonderful brand of alcohol free drinks, that do not ask you to compromise on taste, can be narrowed down to the level of care. Clever meticulously sources ingredients, and then artisanally distills botanical extracts in an authentic copper still to capture their bright and vibrant flavours.

Consumers benefit from less than half of the calories contained in traditional alcoholic recipes, simple ingredients, and no alcohol or preservatives.

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