A photo of four non-alcoholic beers from Sober Carpenter.

Sober Carpenter

Sober Carpenter is a Canadian microbrewery that specializes in craft non-alcoholic beers. Based in Montreal, Québec, the brewery was created in 2019 by two brothers who were looking to reduce alcohol consumption after starting their families.

The brothers have always been passionate about beers, and their lifestyle change led them to realize nothing in the non-alcoholic beer space met their standards, especially when compared to craft beers they were used to consuming.

Sober Carpenter offers a range of taste profiles and mouthfeel - from a West Coast IPA, to a Belgian white, Irish red, classic blonde ale, and, the newest addition, an Organic Session IPA. 

Hoppy beer lovers will undoubtedly turn to the IPA. With notes of tropical fruit and citrus, and sustained bitterness, it imparts a fresh and distinct finish.

Irish Red will appeal to those who prefer a medium bodied ale and rich flavours. Brewed with caramelized and roasted malts, it offers aromas and flavours of caramel and coffee. Balanced and easy to drink, it will pair well with cheese platters.

The Belgian White offers balanced aromas of orange, coriander, and wheat with a rich and hazy body. The Blonde, on the other hand, is crisp and perfectly balanced with accents of malt and a light hop finish.

The Organic Session IPA, a certified organic session IPA, is made with high quality ingredients including Galaxy Hops known for their exceptionally bright and tropical flavours. Expect an intense aromatic profile with a moderately bitter finish.

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