Where to Buy Harmon’s Non-Alcoholic Beer

Where to Buy Harmon’s Non-Alcoholic Beer

Harmon's Non-Alcoholic Beer Available at Knyota Drinks

Harmon's is a full-flavoured craft beer that just happens to be non-alcoholic. The brewer is always working on new concoctions and coming up with seasonal offerings, but its core products are a lagered ale, hazy IPA, and pale ale. Knyota Drinks is a proud retail partner in Ottawa, Canada making the beer available on its website (www.knyota.com) as well as its brick-and-mortar store (104 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON).

Created in 2021 by Steve Abrams, Rob Doyle and Mike Cuch, Harmon's is on a mission to brew delicious non-alcoholic craft beer. This dynamic trio has been in the beverage industry for a while and prefer to stick to the basics when brewing beer. They don't use fancy equipment or special technology to remove the alcohol after fermentation, just clever recipe design and attention to detail.

Harmon's recipes use certified organic ingredients in order to live up to one of the brewer’s core values – a belief that great beer needs quality ingredients. Look for a certified Organic logo on the side of their cans! It’s an indication of the founders’ commitment to sustainability by sourcing ingredients farmed without harmful pesticides, GMOs and in-organic waste. It is meant to be a win-win-win situation where great farms lead to great ingredients and a fantastic tasting final product.

Knyota Drinks prides itself on providing customers options that lead to more inclusive beverage experiences. Whether you are taking a break from alcohol or removing it from your life altogether, you have likely encountered the frustration of attending a social event and finding plenty of appealing options for alcohol – but essentially nothing for you. We partner with innovative brands like Harmon’s to make sure that situation happens less and less for folks.

Knyota Drinks believes every adult deserves a drink that will refresh them, excite their palate, and delight their nose. Brands like Harmon’s are proving that these experiences are not confined to drinks that contain alcohol, and the non-alcoholic beers they offer go a long way in tearing down barriers to including more people in the ritual of socialising over drinks.

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