Collection: Spirits

Embrace the unexpected! Forget the harsh bite of alcohol; these non-alcoholic spirits boast a completely new and unique experience. Innovative distillers have captured the essence of your favorite spirits using unique botanicals, herbs, and spices.

Unleash your inner mixologist and stir up a world of flavour, minus the alcohol. Our curated selection of non-alcoholic spirits empowers you to create sophisticated and delicious non-alcoholic cocktails, replicating the complexity of classic cocktails you know and love. Enjoy a spectrum of taste sensations: zesty botanical notes of a gin and tonic, smooth warmth of a whiskey sour, or refreshing tang of a margarita – all meticulously crafted without a drop of alcohol.

Yes, non-alcoholic spirits are different. You will find: layers of flavour unfold differently, delicate aromas are beautifully present, and the characteristic bite is muted. Although the depth and complexity might be different, non-alcoholic spirits boast a satisfying richness that works perfectly in non-alcoholic cocktails.

Non-alcoholic spirits are not substitutes, they are sophisticated beverages waiting to be discovered in their own right. Raise a glass and rediscover the joy of spirits, minus the alcohol.